4 Steps for your insurance

Short Term Travel HealthCare Plan for foreign guests in Germany

Information regarding your insurance cover

1. Please fill in the following Application Form (print) and return it
immediately via fax or scanned via Email to

Fax: +49 (0) 40 3296 3117
Email: contract@ihcc.de

or use the Application Form (electronic) and press the

- button.

2. The IHC-Company S.A. will send you a cover confirmation with your personal Policy Number and the mount of the premium due.

3. When you arrive in Germany, please remit the premium due to the below mentioned account and advise us your German address.

Accountholder: Sieghart K. Herter

IBAN: DE66 4401 0046 0269 2264 61
Reason for transfer: ISHCP (including your insurance number)

4. After the premium due has been credited to the above account, you will get your policy documentation.


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